Calzones- with the pizza dough!

Mar 15th

Do you know how microwaves cook food?

The magnetron converts electricity to electromagnetic energy. The stirrer disperses the microwaves which are then attracted to the fat, water, and sugar molecules in food. The waves penetrate the food about 1 inch, causing the molecules to vibrate a billion times a second. The vibrating molecules create friction, which causes heat! The rest of the food cooks by heat induction.

You are now almost as smart as my high school students, who today are taking their microwave test!

Since we didn’t cook this morning, I thought I would throw up some pics I took this weekend. Sunday night my friend Kristen hosted a “make your own calzone” night. There were six of us plus two little boys. I brought the dough, Kristen made the fillings. It was FAB and delish.

So I made the exact same amount of dough that I usually do. I then divided the big ball of dough into two halves (normally I do 4, to make 4 pizzas). I cut each half into quarters, and that ended up being a perfect calzone size!

We each took our dough and stretched it out to a round, maybe 10 inches in diameter.

The fillings included shredded barbecue chicken, olives, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, fresh spinach, caramelized onions, broiled fresh jalapenos, fresh mushrooms, crumbled bacon, and bleu cheese. DEFinitely allowed for tons of creativity the part of each individual.

Let me tell you about mine 🙂

I did the shredded chicken, the caramelized onions, jalapenos, blue cheese crumbles and mozzarella. The chicken has been simmered in Jack Daniels and purchased barbecue sauce and it was mouthwatering. I was MUY FELIZ with my calzone decisions and ate every bite!

We folded them up, pressed and folded the edges, and then brushed them with olive oil and seasonings. Onto the parchment paper they went.

It doesn’t matter how much you fill an oven, all of the food will bake at the same temperature (which is different from a microwave. In in a micro, the more food, the more time on the clock).

Since the fillings are all cooked inside already, I would suggest a high temperature oven like 400 to 425 degrees. If making just a few, remember to use your pizza stone. Bake until lightly brown and crispy!

I was so thrilled by my meal and the awesome homemade icecream sandwiches we had afterwards that I FORGOT to take any during or after pictures.

That dough is absolutely user-friendly and can make tons of great options. Super pliable, not sticky at all.

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