The Liebster Award

Aug 7th

Thanks, Beth from “It’s good to be the cook”, for including me in this – I think it’s like chain mail for blogs. Not all chain mail is bad, though.

I think we are in a generation of over-sharers, and it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I usually don’t get too personal, as I didn’t make a blog to talk about myself or my life, just to share recipes. That’s fine if you DID make a blog for that reason, it’s just not MY reason. Anyways, one of my friends the other day said I should write more personally, and I figured doing this question/answer thing is right up that alley. So here it is!

“The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers… Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.” If you receive the award, you have to post eleven facts about yourself, and then answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you, and then make up eleven more questions, and tag eleven more bloggers, who will have to answer the questions YOU wrote and pass it on and so on and so forth. There’s no retagging and there are no tagbacks (like recess). And everybody you tag has to have less than 200 followers.”

11 facts

1. One summer I was a horse and carriage driver/tour guide in Cape May, NJ

2. I ate fois gras once and I cried. Only time eating something brought out such an emotional response. I like, sobbed. It tasted like I was licking the inside of an animal organ (which, let’s face it, isn’t too far off).

3. I have seen Les Mis 3 times (once was a HS production) and I am DYING for the movie to come out this fall.

4. I am a Twihard. And K Stew is a dumb-dumb. In general I prefer to read books for teenagers.

5. I love dance classes at my gym and I smile the whole time I’m in them – doesn’t feel like exercise when you’re having that much fun!

6. I feel too young to be married with a baby. When I got pregnant (at 27, a perfectly normal age to get pregnant) a strange thought ran through my head that sounded something like, “but what will people think? I am so young!”.

7. I enjoy using the excuse “we have to get the baby to bed” when leaving soirees early – I’m just an early to bed kind of person.

8. When I’m mad at my husband, I go around the house whistling. I can’t control it.

9. My number 1 bucket list item is to gallop a horse, bareback, through an open field.

10. Nothing (except that horse thing) beats swimming in the ocean.

11. I’ve played two National Championship field hockey games (college) – and unfortunately lost both.


1.  What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?


2.  What is one food item that you won’t try?

I’ll try most things once (see fois gras, above) – I don’t think I would try tongue, though, if it was offered to me. It’s the bumps.

3.  What is your favorite type of cuisine?

I LOVE Thai food, but cuisine in general I’d say Italian. Not the Americanized Italian cuisine, but the Mediterranean style – simple ingredients that are fresh and authentic.

4.  What do you like best about blogging?

It keeps me looking for new ideas/recipes and constantly trying new things.

5.  Link us to your all-time FAVORITE post/recipe you’ve written. (favorite recipe) (favorite intro to recipe)

6.  Do you have a bad cooking experience?  What were you trying to make and what went wrong?

I had some elk – yes that’s right, elk. I didn’t know what part of the elk it was, so I didn’t know how to cook it. I did a quick pan sear and it was so tough, it was inedible. Like, you couldn’t chew a bite small enough to swallow. OHHH you need to slow roast it for 8 hours? Well that makes sense.

7.  Who is your favorite Food Network TV Star?

Gotta love Ina, but Giada’s meals are my favorite. Also, I find her stunningly beautiful and it’s hard to look away. Except when she says “parmigiano reggiano”. I find that very annoying. That Canadian guy Chuck from Chuck’s day off is really hot and I like his accent, but I think he is on the cooking channel.

8.  Do you have any tips on how you budget your time better so you can blog?

Umm, have a baby and take maternity leave from work. Wait, don’t have a baby, or this will happen while you cook:

9.  What do you normally eat as a snack, when you aren’t cooking up delicious new recipes?

If I leave the house at 10 and won’t be back till 2 or 3, I throw a snack bag together. It usually contains an apple, a cheese stick, some almonds, and a piece of Ezekiel bread. And maybe some carrots. I know, gross, I’m a healthy eater.

10.  Do you have a personal trick or tip you’d like to share?

Use your freezer – you can freeze anything! I just froze up a huge amount of fresh basil and will post about it this week. You can freeze muffins, cookies, pb and J sandwiches, even milk! The most expensive ingredients in your kitchen are the ones you throw out.

11.  What is one item or dish you’d like to try to make that you haven’t yet?

Chocolate eclairs.


Ok. I was supposed to find 11 blogs that have under 200 readers. How do I find this information out? I found four, and I don’t know how many readers they have. They seem great though, and I think they’d like to have more? I’m bad at this.

Blogs to nominate:



1. What is your #1 Bucket list item?

2. What is your favorite fruit?

3. If you have to eat one lunch every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4. What would you eat during your fictitious hour of “calories don’t count”?

5. Who is your favorite person?

6. If you had to move to another country, what would you choose?

7. Do you exercise? If so, how often and what do you do?

8. What is your favorite trashy tv show?

9. If you could identify yourself as one of the Sex and the City characters, which one would you be?

10. Would rather give up chocolate or coffee?

11. Did you play sports growing up? Which ones?

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