Toffee Brownie Trifle

Apr 10th

The word that best describes this dessert is “cheating”. There are two reasons why. Let me explain.
You will show up with this dessert and people will say, “that looks so good!”. Then they will eat it and say “Omg! Amaze!” Now when I get reviews like that for a pie or fancy bar cookie I feel quite proud. When THIS dessert got complimented I felt.. hmm.. ashamed? Maybe a little. It’s that this dessert is just so OBViously good. Brownie chunks? Butterscotch? Whipped cream and toffee bits? Of COURSE this is good! It’s like cheating!
Do you have VIP guests coming over soon and you want to make something “can’t miss”? Or maybe you’re attending a potluck type party and you want to make sure people are glad you came? This dessert is for you. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want. Again, let me explain.
I used Dr. Oetker organic brownie mix for this and was shocked at how YUMMy they were and how easy the process was. I did, however, make homemade butterscotch sauce because I actually enjoy making it and think the flavor upgrade is oh-so-worth-it. I also whipped the cream and I forbid you to purchase and use cool whip in place of doing this yourself. It’s just SO much better, and it’s also fun and science-projecty. I mean, you start with a liquid, and you end up with a (sort of) solid! Science!
The second reason this is like cheating is that you will have to cheat on any diet plan you may be following to enjoy this. It’s not health food, but it IS worth it. I ate two platefuls with my cousin and then she helped me “clean up the edge” before I packed up the remains to take home.
Toffee Brownie Trifle
Serves 16-20
Baked 8×8 Brownies
1 1/2 c. butterscotch sauce (or use store bought)
12 oz. chocolate covered heath bar, chopped
3 c. heavy whipping cream, divided
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. sugar
pinch salt
1. Whip (with whisk attachment on electric mixer) 1 c. whipping cream with cocoa, sugar, and salt until soft peaks form.
2. Whip (with cleaned whisk attachment on electric mixer) 2 c. remaining whipping cream until soft peaks form.
3. Roughly chop brownies.
4. Form layers in trifle bowl so that it works out like this:
Toffee in three parts
Butterscotch in three parts
Cocoa whipped cream in one part
Regular whipped cream in two parts
Brownies in two parts
Top           Butterscotch
                   Whipped cream
                   Whipped cream
Bottom   Cocoa whipped cream
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