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Welcome to Homebeccanomics 🙂

A little bit about the way I like to cook and eat…

A majority of the recipes we do in class are created to educate teenagers whilst not being so gourmet that they won’t eat or want to recreate what they make. Did you know teenagers don’t like vegetables? Crazy. I teach nutrition in my food’s classes so I generally keep the recipes on the lighter side.

I will likely post recipes that I make at home as well. My husband and I are both healthy eaters, so the things I make for just us will always be light. However, I am a firm believer in that when you entertain, your guests aren’t interested in saving calories. My goal when I entertain or bake desserts to bring places is usually to leave my friends and family with happy smiles and uncomfortably full tummies.

I’ve also done some catering and taught cooking classes.ras well. I will post ideas and recipes from my successful recipes there as well.

Wondering why the blog’s tag-line is “read your recipe”? When setting this thing up my husband asked me “what do you say the most in the kitchens at work?”. Without thinking I replied “READ YOUR RECIPE!” I believe that ANYONE can be a good cook if they understand the basics of measurement and recipe reading.

1. Find a great recipe

2. Make sure you have all ingredients and utensils outlined in the recipe.

3. FOLLOW the recipe. Easy!

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