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If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Anyone else’s parents indoctrinate 60’s music into their children at young ages, like mine did? If not you may not follow the above quote. Anyways – I AM going to San Francisco and I want to tell you why because it’s presenting major excitement in my quiet content little life.

The above was a picture of my husband and I on our first anniversary – wine tasting in Napa. No wine tasting this time, and my traveling companion is another one of my top favorite people – Mom! Have you heard of the Live Well Network? They are filming a show called “holiday food rush” or something of the sort to be aired around Christmas. There are three shows – cakes, candies, and cookies. The candies and cookies ones are all professional bakers, but the cake one is for amateurs! Three contestants compete, and I am one of them!

If you follow this blog you know I have more than a few cakes on here but it’s SO not my specialty. I leave this weekend and still left on my list of to-do’s is to buy that deodorant that stops all sweat. My t-shirt is tight and second worst to baking a crap cake would be sweating on national TV. Needless to say I’m super nervous.

I won’t lie – I haven’t left this little one for more than a short weekend and my chest hurts when I picture saying goodbye. For all of you who haven’t had kids yet – the obsession is bizarre.


So – I’ll have two recipe posted next week (A Reese’s crispy bar that I’m OBSESSED with and some light, airy, delicious pumpkin mousse) but I’ll be instagram-ing photos throughout my adventurous week (if you want to follow me I’m pretty sure there’s a link on my blog, and if not my name is homebeccanomics so I’m not hard to find).

Turns out my competitive spirit was left on the college field hockey field… and this isn’t good for a filmed competition show. I love my little family in my little house in my little town and I don’t like leaving it all. Not to sound ungrateful –  I’m aware that it’s a once in a lifetime experience. It’s time to be Becca-Big-Girl-Pants. I need fingers crossed and lots of prayers, please!

Check in later, Becca


Rock on, sister.

11 thoughts on “If You’re Going to San Francisco…

  1. I’m so excited for you! You’re going to do great! Just be yourself and do your thing and they will love you!!! Good luck and lots of love and prayers!!!

  2. Becca — All will be fine, Tessa will be in good hands, and YOU will do fabulous… Enjoy the thrill of it all
    Best of Luck!!!

    PS…Between you and me the new 48 hour Degree works great! lol

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