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Mango Margaritas

I’m perfectly happy with beer and wine. I like the taste of both, and if I’m going to use up over 300 calories on something I’d like it be ice cream or chocolate cake. Or pizza. The one drink that does actually get me going is a margarita. It’s the drink in my “last meal”. I like it with salt, on the rocks, and not too sweet. Let’s be real though I’ll take it any which way. 

My issue with making drinks at home is the laundry list of arbitrary ingredients needed to do so. I don’t want to buy bitters, cointreau, or elderberry. Maybe one day I’ll grow up and be fancy, but right now I’m not. There may be a box of wine on my counter (I swear it’s delicious).

That’s what I like about this drink! If you don’t count the ice or the garnish, it has four ingredients. Most people these days have a great blender from all of their smoothie making so that’s not a problem. I know its a sweet drink but I’d be remiss to not mention that mangos are fantastic for you, so if you haven’t eaten you fruit servings for the day you can totally count this drink as at least a serving. Wink face.

Mango Margaritas

Makes 2-3

1 (10 oz) bag frozen mango chunks

1/2 c. tequila

1/2 c. fresh lime juice

1/4 c. honey

2 c. ice cubes

Fresh mint leaves, to garnish

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend. Serve with mint leaf garnish.