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Pink Princess Popcorn

I understand that this is a strange and abnormal recipe for me to post, but considering they don’t sell that many edible, pink, party foods this might be just what you need. At any rate it was also delicious, so maybe you just want to jazz up snack time. PS you can make this any color (Ninja turtle food, anyone?)

I’ve found that most kids love popcorn. As far as snack foods go, it’s “single-ingredient”, whole grain and inexpensive. It’s easy to add to (peanuts, almonds, and M&Ms would be perfect for the school lunch box), and relatively low in calories. This particular batch was for a princess birthday party for Tessa’s 4th and it was a big hit with the kids.

When I was handing out cupcakes later on and had to frown face my gluten-free friend, I told her to dig into the princess popcorn as it’s naturally gluten free. I partook of the leftovers and was totally hooked on the salty sweet thing. I’m not usually a white chocolate fan but this was honestly yummy.

Pink Princess Popcorn

Makes 16 cups

2 bags natural style, lightly salted microwave popcorn

1 (10 oz) bag white chocolate melting chips

pink food coloring

pink sprinkles

1. Pop the bags of popcorn and empty into large mixing bowl.


2. Place chips in glass bowl and microwave until melted. Add food coloring and mix.


3. Add chocolate to popcorn and stir to coat.

4. Place waxed paper or parchment onto counter top and spread popcorn onto paper. Sprinkle with pink sprinkles while it’s still wet.


5. Let cool completely and transfer to an airtight container. Can be made about one day ahead.