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B.L.T. Bites

The Pepper Mill was our local haunt – cheesesteaks on Friday nights and and surprisingly good omelettes on Sunday’s after church. I have a very clear memory of going with my mom when I was about fourteen or fifteen and ordering the BLT wrap. I just felt like the most mature adult there was, ordering something so fancy. You can’t not like a BLT. I’m not a fan of mayo in general but in this case, a little goes a long way. The sweetness of the mayo and tomato with the salty bacon is just spot on. Again, dairy free/gluten free/sugar free for all of those in need, but also enormously appealing for those of us who do not abstain. OH make sure you buy the squirt bottle of light mayo – a thousand times easier than if you had to spread with a knife.

I decided to use turkey bacon because I didn’t want any grisly bits to take away from such a perfect bite. I love Trader Joes turkey bacon but I know they sell this everywhere. I cook mine on a skillet but feel free to use your oven – makes for nice, even, hands-off cooking. The assembly part of this recipe takes a minute, but it’s so make-ahead it makes up for it. Cover with plastic and place in the fridge until ready to eat! I liked it a bit more room temperature, personally, so maybe take them out an hour or so before serving.

B.L.T. Bites

Serves 6-8

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1 lb. turkey bacon, cooked and sliced lengthwise

Light mayo

1 Romaine heart, sliced crosswise into 1 inch ribbons

1 lb. turkey bacon, cooked and sliced lengthwise


1. Slice tomatoes in half horizontally. Place the toothpick through the bottom half.

2. Cut bacon strips into 1×1 in. squares and double them up. Place the two squares on top of the tomato.

3. Squirt about 1/4 tsp. mayo on the bacon.

4. Fold a piece of lettuce and place on top of the mayo.

5. Top with the second half of tomato to complete the sandwich. Repeat.