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I’d Like Your Help

Why do I have a blog? Sometimes when the creativity is lagging and I’m pressed for time I have to get back to my primary intentions. Though it may have begun as a kind gesture gifted from my brother-in-law, I’ve kept it up for six years for several specific reasons.1) I like that my favorite recipes are all in one place and I can access them in the grocery store when I need to buy ingredients.

2) Instead of settling into a routine of the same old recipes, I’m always looking for and trying something new.

3) If even one person is blessed by a recipe I thought good enough to pass on, then my time and work is worth it.

I don’t operate under the false idea that I’m a better cook than anyone else but I do get excited about food and am at my most serene when I’m cooking (to be correct, I mean cooking when the kids aren’t around). Recently I made, slightly tweaked and shared a recipe from a Philly bakery for almond chocolate chip cookies.  They made me happy and I couldn’t wait to share them so you could enjoy them as much as I have been. Sharing excellent content is amazing, and I want to do it whether the recipe is something I developed or not.

I realized then that there are likely so many family recipes, either your own or copied down from moms, dads, or grandparents, that deserve a permanent home on the internet. I had a thought – if you know me personally or if you read this blog I’d like you to think about getting involved. If you email me a family recipe or one that you make over and over and can’t get enough of, I will make it as written or with a slight tweak here or there, and post it in your name with my “how to” photography. That way it will always be available to you and you can email the link to family and friends.

What do you think?

Email me the recipe at This can be a help to you and will definitely be a help to me, as instead of getting ideas from magazines or other sites, I can work with time-tested, family loved recipes that are sure to please.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



5 thoughts on “I’d Like Your Help

  1. I’m in! I started my “blog” for very similar reasons: sharing recipes with family and friends and having quick easy access to my favorite recipes. I love cooking and baking but not blogging. That’s not entirely true – I like it, I just don’t make time for it. But, as you know, I LOVE sharing recipes. If I find something I love I tell everyone! My most favorite recipe is a Farro dish and I used to keep a few printed copies with me to hand out to my neighbors. I’ll even stop and talk recipes with strangers at the store. I find that most people are excited to try new recipes and welcome the suggestions. Another blogger I follow is starting the new year with the hope of trying a new recipe every week. Her first week was a white chicken chili and she didn’t love it. I came here this morning to copy the link to your recipe – that I LOVE – and send it to her : ) See you soon and I’m bringing cookies…….

  2. Becca, you know first-hand how much your blog has changed my life being that I never had any cooking experience before meeting you AND not growing up with any cooks in the house (and surprisingly my Dad has always been in the food business and does really well in the kitchen but rarely had the time!) So, unfortunately I have no recipes to share, although I may ask my 93 year old grandmother about her meatloaf:) But if you are ever searching for content-I personally would benefit from a post on your take on pots and pans: what is the difference, what you use, love, don’t love, etc. I am due for new ones. No pressure, I realize it is not an exciting post:)

    1. Hey Jill (and Heather!)
      Ask for recipes from your grandmother, I want them! Grandmothers have cooked the most out of all of us, we need to listen to them! Ok for cookware… I wish I had a more definitive stance and then I would def do a post. I registered for All Clad stainless because I was told by my mom’s cooking friends that it was “the best”. I still love all of these pans, but for day to day cooking there are a few pans I use most. My MIL gave me two nonstick cuisinart pans that I should discard because the finish is chipping a bit, but I have used the heck out of them. My mom also gifted me a few all clad nonstick pans, some interesting shapes, and i absolutely love them. I guess my pick is ALL clad? I wish I felt comfortable making my fried eggs and whatnot in their stainless frying pans but I usually use nonstick for that. I have a cuisinart dutch oven I use a TON. Hmm. Any other specific questions? Did I cover it? xoxo and thank you as always for supporting this website and recipes! I feel so honored because there is such great stuff out there in internet-land!

  3. I second Jill’s request!! I love reading about what kitchen tools my favorite bloggers use! I will often go to a trusted bloggers site before making a purchase. A few years ago when I wanted to replace everything with stainless steel I did a bunch of research and decided on Cuisinart and have been SO happy with them.

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