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Simple, Perfect Brownies

Brownies you can make in one bowl, using just a whisk? That’s my kind of dessert. The bake all at once (obviously) and freeze fabulously. I cut them small and pack one each day, from the freezer, in my daughter’s lunch box.

Such an ideal treat. I love these – they cut well, come out the same each time I make them, and contain no ingredients that could create sides (no nuts, no almond extract, no espresso powder). Just pure chocolatey goodness! Also, everyone loves brownies, so they’re ideal for a potluck situation.

Simple, Perfect Brownies

Makes 9×12 (up to 70 small brownies)

6 oz. unsweetened chocolate, chopped

3 sticks unsalted butter, roughly chopped

3 c. sugar

6 large eggs

1 tbsp. vanilla

1 tsp. salt

1 c. all purpose flour

1/2 c. unsweetened cocoa powder

  1. Preheat oven to 325 and place parchment paper, cut to fit (with the long sides going over edges) in a 9×13 pan. Spray uncovered short sides with nonstick spray.
  2. In large glass mixing bowl, combine chocolate and butter. Microwave one minute. Stir, microwave again in 30 second intervals until melted. Whisk until smooth. Set aside 5 minutes to cool.
  3. Add sugar and whisk to combine.
  4. Add eggs, one at at time, whisking into batter in between eggs.
  5. Add vanilla and salt. Whisk to combine.
  6. Add flour and cocoa, whisk or stir to combine.
  7. Transfer batter into dish and smooth into edges. Bake for 40-50 minutes or until set (40 for fudgier brownies, 50 for chewy). Let cool about 1 hour and place in fridge to cool completely (if cutting that day) . Once completely cool, cut into squares.